A conversion utility for EPOC32 (Psion) files

Note that Psiconv is no longer in active development. I may occasionally release new versions with bug fixes, but it is unlikely there will ever be further development. If you are interested in taking over this project, please contact me at


The Psion 5(MX) has several built-in applications. They use their own file formats to save data files. Psion has written file conversion utilities for Windows 95, in the form of their PsiWin program. But there are no conversion utilities for other operating systems. Also, Psion is not able to or does not want to release enough data for others to write their own conversion programs. At least, that is what I have gathered through the newsgroups and from other sources.

I have reverse engineered some of the Psion document formats, and have written a small conversion utility for some of them. I release the data format information to the public domain; the conversion utility is licensed by the GNU General Public License, which allows anyone to use it freely. Both are still being updated and refined.

The Psion 5MX uses mostly the same file formats as the Psion 5; the conversion utilities seem to work, though you might get a few additional warnings. I own a 5MX myself now, so this will improve. Other Psion PDA's might be supported too, and even other machines running EPOC32. The Psion Series 3 uses EPOC16, and are not supported.

Current release

The latest Psiconv release can be found on the download page. We are still not at the 1.0.0 release, and we may never get there. It is mostly tested on Linux/i386, though it should run on any Unix platform. It can convert Psion Word files to HTML or plain text, and it can translate Psion Sketch, MBM and ClipArt files to almost any graphic format. The library can also parse Sheet files.

Psiconv includes the description of Psion file formats, but you can also download it seperately (Psion Files). They are written in Psion Word, but Psiconv can (and will) translate them to other formats like HTML for you. The Word, TextEd, Sketch, MBM, Clipart, Record, Sheet, Userdic and World Data formats are completely documented (TextEd is used for saving OPL files, MBM is a special picture format, Clipart is an internally used picture format, Userdic is used to add words to the internal spellchecker, and World Data contains additional city or countrydefinitions).